Resting places and lay-bys

All along Kopparleden and the alternative routes are many lay-bys maintained on behalf of Trafikverket in Sweden and Statens Vegvesen in Norway. The standard and facilities vary but usually include toilets, also for the disabled. Here are also information boards, tables and benches and garbage disposal. Plan your trip to include a stop at one of Kopparleden’s scenic lay-bys for a pleasant break.

Rällsjön 25 km northwest of Falun. Road 80.

Leksand 3 km south of Leksand. Road 70.

Tällbergsporten 12 km north of Leksand. Road 70.

Gärdebyn 2,5 km south of Rättvik. Road 70/80.

Sjurberg 5 km northwest of Rättvik. Road. (both on the north / south side of the road)

Spjutmosjön 22 km northwest of Mora. Road 70. Also cafe.

Lomkällan 2 km north of Särna. Road 70. Located at Skogsmuseet.

Kopparledens handel Tufsingdalen along road 28, a local store with gasoline, cafè and resting place