As you are cruising along Kopparleden you will encounter a multifaceted culture including master miner homesteads, log cabin culture and Sami traditions. Dalarna sometimes translated as Dalecarlia, is called ’the heart of Sweden’ and here you can experience both traditional and modern culture within art, music, handicraft and design. Here are a few samples of first-rate culture experiences in our area.

Världsarvet Falun, Falun
The historic industrial landscape of the Great Copper Mountain and the Falun consist of three parts: the mining landscape, urban landscape and mining landscape.

Falu Gruva och Gruvmuseet, Falun
Every day you can go down the mine and be guided. The mine is given the opportunity to experience the time when the rock was broken by vedbrasor, wedge and sledgehammer. The museum displays Kopparberget history.

Carl Larssongården, Sundborn
The artist’s home with the familiar environment of his works.

Gamla Staberg, Falun
Carolinian Country estate and terraserad baroque garden.

Dalarnas Museum, Falun
County Museum showing Dalarna cultural history. Costumes, Dalarna paintings, folk, copper crafts, graphic arts and Lagerlof’s study. Exhibitions.

Ornässtugan, Ornäs
Timber Building from the early 1500′s, where Gustav Vasa to have been hiding from the Danes. Was 1750 one of Sweden’s first museums.

Framtidsmuseet, Borlänge
Centre for popular science, planetarium.

Jussi Björlingmuseet, Borlänge
The world-famous tenor’s unique career and personal life. Music Collection, clips, programs and other documents.

Ottilia Adelborgsmuseet, Gagnef
The first Swedish children’s book author,  lived and worked in Gagnef from 1903 until his death in 1936th Her efforts on the children’s area was a beginning of what we today call for children’s culture. The museum including an exhibit of lace from Ottilia collections, an outfit chamber showing Gagnef costume as it looked when Ottilia arrived Gagnef.

Leksands Kulturhus, Leksand
Museum of Dalecarlia paintings and costumes as well as temporary exhibitions.

Hildasholm, Leksand
Built in the early 1900′s by the famous doctor Axel Munthe as a wedding gift to his wife Hilda. European art and crafts. Gardens.

Dalhalla, Rättvik
Limestone quarry the festival in interesting geological environment. Exhibitions, concerts.

Grannas or Nils Olsson Dalahästtillverkning, Nusnäs
This is the “symbol of Sweden” is produced by artisans in two businesses located on either side of the road in the hamlet Nusnäs.

Zornmuseet och Zorngården, Mora
On the Zorn Museum in Mora presents works by the artist Anders Zorn. Zorngården was created by Anders and his wife Emma. Blending art and crafts from around the world with gourd and wooden tradition.

Vasaloppet is the world’s largest and longest ski race. Museum Vasaloppets House reflects the arrangements from the start in 1922.

Porfyr- och Hagströmmuseet, Älvdalen
Large porphyry collection, geological department, exhibition of famous Hagström accordions and guitars.

Albert Hagström AB, Älvdalen
The official site of Hagströms AB.

Porfyr- och Hagströmmuseet, Älvdalen

Samekultur, Idre
The Sami are an ethnic minority living in, among other things, Norway and Sweden. The southernmost reindeer grazing lands in the northern Dalarna. Learn more about the Sami culture.

Old fashioned horse and sleigh experince, Dala Femund forkörarförening

Krekling og Villsau
Every Thursday between 17.00 and 21.00 have Krekling & Wild sheep sales exhibition of the Croatian Femundtunet. Look in on the cozy premises, you might find something you fancy, or the perfect gifts?!

Femundsmarka Nasjonalparksenter
HveUtstillingene conveys a range of experiences you can expect as a user of Femundsmarka National Park and National Gutulia. The center also shows how people have adapted to life in nature, and offers exhibits about the Sami culture, hunting, fishing, mining, and much more. The center emphasizes that there should be something for everyone, so it offers several activities for children, including lemmings hunting. The center also has a shop that sells outdoor equipment, maps and books.

Museum of Narjordet on road. 28 of the Os municipality


Galleri Galåen

Røros Kjørelag