The Copper Route

Kopparleden is the 400 km long historic route running between the two old copper mining towns Røros in Norway and Falun in Sweden, both included on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. Kopparleden has now been adapted to touring motorcyclists. A drive along Kopparleden is highly suitable for a short holiday or a long weekend, but you can also opt for longer visits to the area, for excursions, visits to attractions or simply to enjoy nature and culture. You can also include Kopparleden en route westwards to the Norwegian fjords, northbound towards Nordkap, eastbound to the Gulf of Bothnia /the Baltic Sea or southbound to continental Europe. Kopparleden is ready for you. Welcome!
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fine resting-places

However delightful it is to ride a motorcycle, it is just as important to find somewhere to stretch your legs and enjoy a break, or maybe sit down to a good dinner and a restful night’s sleep. Along Kopparleden are several first-rate lay-bys and outlook points, together with many fine restaurants and comfortable hotels. Here are of course also more basic cafés and camping grounds. Whatever you look for along your route we have also searched for services that suit us touring motorcyclists especially, considering the road standard, parking facilities, services etc. Please let us show you!
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scenic nature

With good reason, Kopparleden has been called “A Nordic Cross-Section” and on your bike you will be travelling through many varying and grand types of nature with miles upon miles of views. From the plains and the arable landscape south of Falun and Borlänge, via the lakes Runn and Siljan, across the River Dalälven where you encounter valleys and blue peaks, through small towns to idyllic villages and summer farms, shielings. Onwards through large forests up into the mountain region where from Kopparleden you can reach several small and large nature reserves, as well as two national parks, one of which with the tallest waterfall in Sweden. The wilderness continues in Norway with Lake Femunden and tall peaks reaching as high as 1,750 metres above sea level. All along, Kopparleden treats us to its rich and varied flora and fauna. Here are also fabulous fishing waters.
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