Getting here
Whether to start your ride along Kopparleden from Falun or from Røros, the choice is entirely yours. There are many fine roads leading to both old copper mining towns.
Here follow directions.

Directions to Falun:
The distance from Stockholm is about 220-240 km. One option runs via Enköping, Hedemora, Borlänge (E18, Road 70, Road 50) alternatively leave Road 70 in Hedemora (E18, Road 70, Road 266, Road 80).
Another option from Stockholm runs via Uppsala and Gävle (E4 + Road 80). The distance this way is 260 km.
The distance from Gothenburg (Göteborg) is about 460 km to Falun. Drive via Örebro, Ludvika and Borlänge (E20, E18, Road 50).
The distance from Malmö to Falun is about 680 km. Drive via Jönköping, Ödeshög, Motala, Örebro, Ludvika, Borlänge (E20, E4, Road 50).
The distance from Kiruna is 1,100 km via Östersund, Sveg, Mora (E10, E45, Road 70). Alternatively from Kiruna via Luleå, Skellefteå, Umeå, Sundsvall, Gävle (E10, E4, Road 80). The distance this way is 1,120 km.
Travelling from Oslo one option is via Kongsvinger, Torsby, Malung, Djurås, Borlänge to Falun (Road 239, Road 246, Road 245, Road 26, Road 71, Road 70, Road 50). The distance is about 440 km. An application has been filed to create a European highway here, the E16.
Directions to Røros:
The distance from the Öresund bridge/Malmö is about 1,000 km to Røros (E6, RV 30 and RV 3).
From Gothenburg (Göteborg) (E6, RV 30 and RV 3) the distance to Røros is about 700 km.
From Oslo the most popular option follows RV 30 from Tynset. The drive from Oslo to Røros takes about six hours.
From Trondheim, drive via Støren and Gauldalen to Røros, about two hours drive.
The scenic route ‘Nasjonal Turistveg Rondane’ follows the borderline between the Rondane massif and the well-preserved culture landscape along RV 27 from Enden, via Sollia and Atndalen to Folldal. From Folldal, drive via Alvdal and Tynset to Røros.
RV 705 is the shortest and fastest – perhaps also the most scenic – route between Røros and Stjørdal. The road is open all year, no toll is required and the standard is good.



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