The Copper Route
The main artery of Kopparleden runs between the two copper mining towns, Falun in Sweden and Røros in Norway. However, in order to offer variations and to tempt you to ride in both directions, we have also added some alternative routes on this web site, routes that are well frequented and still take you, somehow, between Falun and Røros

These alternative routes mainly prevail in the southern, more densely populated part of Kopparleden. The alternatives offer riders the possibility of varying the drive such as choosing different sides of Lake Siljan or driving the full circle ‘Siljansringen’. Nothing prevents you from making other detours from Kopparleden to find your own gems among the many options.
Our suggestion for alternative routes is also based on the fact that there are joint tourism organisations in Falun and Borlänge (Visit Falun Borlänge), and also in the four Lake Siljan municipalities: Leksand, Mora, Orsa and Rättvik (Siljan Turism). Dalarna County is Sweden’s third most important tourist destination, after the two large cities Stockholm and Gothenburg.
Kopparleden is a sub-project within the Interreg project ‘Scandinavian Heartland’, jointly managed by ‘Länsstyrelsen Dalarna’ and ‘Fjellregionen i Hedmarks Fylkeskommune’, with the focus of developing nature and culture tourism in the region. This particular sub-project is developing and promoting the road between Falun and Röros, known as Kopparleden, as an attractive road for MC-tourism. The objective is to increase the number of motorcycle tourists in the area between Falun and Röros.
Kopparleden has no designate tourist bureau so to find more information about places and attractions along Kopparleden, please contact the tourist offices in the towns that Kopparleden runs through. For links and contact details see below the link Tourist information/Contact.

Welcome to Kopparleden!


Falun in Dalarna County, Sweden, 107 masl.

Røros in Sør-Trøndelag Fylke, Norway, 630 masl.

Kopparleden Falun – Røros distance: 400 km.

Road numbers: RV80, RV70, V26, V28, V30